Our Wine List

There's a method to the madness.

A note from Christiane Gehami, Owner of Arugula Bistro.

"Why is the wine list what it is?  Throughout my life eating, enjoying, and cooking, I have learned the complexities wine brings to the pallete and the ambiance.  Wine can do so many things.  It can entice, excite, seduce - similar to your favorite novel. It can make a joyous occasion even more festive and at the same time, offer comfort in times of sadness.  Similar to a “bridge over troubled waters”. What it must always do, however, is refresh.  Wine must quench your thirst. If it is unable to accomplish this, then everything else falls to the wayside.

I want, and have always wanted from the beginning of this bistro, a small intimate list.  A wine list that would be easily understood and at the same time, nudge my guests out of their comfort zone.  I prepare food that is wholesome and genuine, and therefore I would be inconsistent if I did not do the same with wines.

There are so many good wines out there that I cannot in good conscience limit the list to the same mass-produced branded wines that dominate so many wine list.  Otherwise i might as well serve you spam.  If you like my food, trust me and take that small step and try something you have never tasted before off our wine list!

I want to offer my guests real wines at reasonable prices.  After all,  I want a list of wines that are not only affordable, but “beg” to be drunk.  As much as possible, I try and associate myself with wineries that at least practice sustainable farming.  This is a moving target, as different wineries and regions have different challenges….but I feel it is important to acknowledge on my menu those wineries that respect their piece of Earth from which they earn their living, and do not rely on harmful pesticides and herbicides, and the use of unnatural. fertilizers.  I want you to be comfortable buying these wines, knowing that i
am offering you not just value but introducing you to wineries that bring you a responsibly made bottle to enjoy and feel good about.  After all, wine is meant to be enjoyed and. shared with those you love….knowing that they are being produced with a small “footprint” is an added bonus!"

Do you have a winery you love? 

We're always looking for new wines to serve in our restaurant.  

Drop us a note of your favorite winery and we will be sure to check them out and see what pairs well with our menu!

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