Make yourself at home.

Our dining room is your dining room.

Arugula Bistro is a casual, comfortable & white table cloth bistro.  Our dining room is welcoming, gracious & romantic, where we always strive to treat you as guests in our home.  The chef/owner Christiane named it after her favorite green.  t is a Northern Italian aromatic green, a bit peppery.  The name is playful, rolls off the tongue easily and is fun to say!  Our menu is diverse offering plenty of vegetarian options as well.  All desserts are made in-house and we offer a large range of post-dinner after dinner cocktails.  We look forward to welcoming you into our dining room and cooking for you soon!

Additional FAQs


We welcome reservations and recommend them on weekend nights. 

When making reservations, we try to accommodate your request for seating but cannot always guarantee due to the small size of our bistro.  If you are running late for a reservation, kindly give us a call to let us know and we will hold your reservation. 

We do hold reservation tables for 15 minutes if we have not been notified from you.  If you wish to make a reservation, please fill out the form below and Christiane will be in touch to confirm your reservation.